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FILM1000: Introduction to Film Studies

How does film function as an artistic, technological and cultural form? This unit provides a critical introduction to elements of filmmaking and viewing, exploring the components of film form as they have evolved through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We will study films in a variety of cultural and historical contexts, from early cinema to the emergence of new digital cinemas, and discuss topics that include visual style, sound design, narrative, genre, and film authorship.

Code FILM1000
Academic unit Film Studies
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. analyze film shots and sequences by using the proper language of film analysis.
  • LO2. articulate basic and key concepts in film analysis and interpretation.
  • LO3. grasp the historical, cultural, and material contexts that underpin key concepts in film studies scholarship.
  • LO4. understand a diverse range of cinematic forms within a field of changing technologies and media structures.
  • LO5. identify and formulate strong arguments in academic discussion and writing.
  • LO6. conduct a feasible scholarly research of your own design and argue the stakes, methods, and outcomes of your project.