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Unit of study_

FRNC2604: French 4

This unit follows FRNC2603. It focuses on building inter-and intra-cultural competence. Students engage with audiovisual clips and a series of short texts in order to identify areas of cross-cultural misunderstanding in everyday life. They then conduct an information gathering of their own on which they later report in class. The unit concentrates on the grammatical structures and skills required to perform these tasks: complex sentence construction (including reported speech) and consolidation and development of strategies for speaking.

Code FRNC2604
Academic unit French and Francophone Studies
Credit points 6
FRNC1621 or FRNC2603 or FRNC2611 or FRNC2001
FRNC1622 or FRNC2612 or FRNC1632 or FRNC3621 or FRNC2623 or FRNC2002

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. analyse and construct complex sentences
  • LO2. simplify and paraphrase their oral output
  • LO3. reformulate an interlocutor's oral output to check comprehension
  • LO4. identify situations of cross-cultural misunderstanding
  • LO5. conduct an interview in French.