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Unit of study_

FRNC3002: French 6

This unit is a continuation of FRNC3001 French 5. Students will continue to develop their listening and speaking skills thatwere the focus of FRNC3001. An added emphasis in FRNC3002 will be on the development of reading and writing skills. Grammar consolidation will continue, and students will learn self-editing skills. They will also be introduced to preliminary translation skills and build their independent research techniques as well as their literary analysis techniques that were introduced in FRNC3001. In FRNC3002 this will be done through the study of a contemporary text in various forms: novel, film, chanson and documents relating to French and Francophone contemporary history.

Code FRNC3002
Academic unit French and Francophone Studies
Credit points 6
FRNC3001 or FRNC3605 or FRNC2623 or FRNC3623
FRNC1632 or FRNC3606 or FRNC2624 or FRNC3624

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate a level of written and oral competence including the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively on a range of familiar topics and in a range of genres
  • LO2. articulate an understanding of various aspects of French and Francophone culture (colonisation and decolonisation in Africa; identity; multiculturalism; friendship)
  • LO3. apply a variety of grammatical rules to support effective communication (prepositions; conjunctions; adjectives; comparatives et superlatives; passive voice)
  • LO4. analyse an extended literary text (context; themes; characterisation; structure; style)
  • LO5. evaluate existing research on aspects of French and Francophone and culture related to the literary text studied
  • LO6. analyse contemporary audio-visual texts delivered in standard language (interviews, documentaries, films, You Tube clips).