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Unit of study_

GCST1602: Sex, Gender, Culture

How does gender organise lives, bodies, sexualities and desires? How does gender relate to sex and sexuality? Are there really only two genders? How and why is gender such an integral part of how we identify ourselves and others? This unit introduces students to foundational concepts in the study of gender and critically engages with questions of identity, sexuality, family, the body, cultural practices and gender norms in light of contemporary gender theories.

Code GCST1602
Academic unit Gender and Cultural Studies
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand and articulate some of the key ways in which scholars and theorists from the sciences and humanities understand gender
  • LO2. identify how research, theory and politics inform and are informed by critical understandings of the relationship between bodies and identities
  • LO3. synthesise critical material in order to understand and better appreciate how ideas about gender shape lived experiences as gendered
  • LO4. analyse contemporary issues and debates regarding gender in a critically informed manner
  • LO5. develop the capacity to reflect on and articulate the various contexts through which your understandings of gender are shaped.