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Unit of study_

GEOS1901: Earth, Environment and Society Advanced

Advanced students will complete the same core lecture material as for GEOS1001, but will be required to carry out more challenging practical assignments.

Code GEOS1901
Academic unit Geosciences Academic Operations
Credit points 6
GEOS1001 or GEOG1001 or GEOG1002 or GEOL1001 or GEOL1002 or GEOL1902 or ENSY1001
Assumed knowledge:
(ATAR 90 or above) or equivalent

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Describe and explain the physical and social processes that have shaped terrestrial, ocean, atmospheric and human population characteristics of planet Earth.
  • LO2. Describe and analyse spatial data and create maps using Geographic Information Systems.
  • LO3. Undertake academic literature searches, and be aware of the conventions relating to academic literature.
  • LO4. Construct a logical argument with coherency through an essay to communicate Earth systems at a University level, as described in policy.
  • LO5. Investigate environmental issues and communicate, share and present this to others.
  • LO6. Demonstrate informed citizenship about issues relating to contemporary environmental debates.