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Unit of study_

GOVT6150: Challenges of Democratic Politics

This unit examines the challenges of modern representative government. Comparing models of democratic politics, we assess the continuing relevance of political institutions, such as parliaments and parties, and consider political processes, citizen disengagement and new forms of participation.

Code GOVT6150
Academic unit Government and International Relations
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. To understand major challenges faced by democracies around the world, in terms of: political institutions; citizen participation; citizen attitudes towards democracy; and political reforms.
  • LO2. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of organizing democratic societies.
  • LO3. To understand major theoretical approaches in the study of democratic politics and key debates.
  • LO4. To have the practical experience of applying concepts to a country case study.
  • LO5. To have the practical experience of analysing data on democracy using cross-national and/or individual country data sources.
  • LO6. To enhance skills in independent research, analysis and argument.
  • LO7. To strengthen capacities to communicate clearly in class discussion, group presentations, and written work.
  • LO8. To enhance skills in group work, through both group projects and participating in class discussions.