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HPSC3002: Hist and Phil of the Biomedical Sciences

This Unit of Study is dedicated to the science of life, and focuses on the history and philosophy of biology and medicine. Findings about phenomena such as the origins of life, evolution, and the relative contributions of DNA and various environmental factors to living processes have been debated not only by scientists but also the public. New accounts of the nature of disease and novel treatment strategies call for critical reflection on their implications. In this Unit of Study, we will take a closer look at a wide range of research concerned with life, disease, and death. We will focus in particular on the contributions historians and philosophers of science can make to discussions in the life sciences.

Code HPSC3002
Academic unit History and Philosophy of Science Academic Operations
Credit points 6
(HPSC2100 or HPSC2900) and (HPSC2101 or HPSC2901)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. gain insight into contemporary biological/biomedical practice by examining basic topics such as life, evolution, ecology, genetics, and microbiology
  • LO2. understand core conceptual and theoretical issues and debates in a range of fields in biology/biomedicine
  • LO3. examine scientific texts and identify key philosophical and historical themes for further analysis
  • LO4. develop original arguments for and about biological/biomedical topics
  • LO5. develop the necessary reasoning and communication skills for analysing science in multiple contexts.