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Unit of study_

HPSC3023: Psychology and Psychiatry: History and Phil

Across the unit we examine one of the most interesting aspects of the history and philosophy of science. viz., the scientific practices and assumptions involved in making human beings an object of study. We will examine the ways in which psychologists and psychiatrists have investigated human nature, the kinds of experimental approaches they have developed to that end, the major controversies in this field, and the basic philosophical assumptions that have been made in the sciences of human nature. We investigate the developments of psychological theories and investigative methods as well as the development of psychiatric theory, treatment methods, and institutions.

Code HPSC3023
Academic unit History and Philosophy of Science Academic Operations
Credit points 6
(12 credit points of HPSC2XXX OR 12 credit points of PSYC2XXX) OR (6 credit points of HPSC2XXX AND 6 credit points of PSYC2XXX)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. be familiar with interpretation of the historical process, focusing on important individuals and movements and drawing particular attention to recurrent ideas and themes
  • LO2. develop conceptual analysis by relating historical conceptual problems to modern problems in psychology and psychiatry, and by examining some key concepts (such as ‘mind’, ‘behaviour’, ‘consciousness’, ‘theory’, ‘explanation’, ‘mental illness,’ and so on)
  • LO3. present, analyse, and evaluate arguments and to engage in critical analysis of any material encountered in their reading and research in psychology and psychiatry.