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Unit of study_

HSBH1012: Introduction to Health and Health Care

This unit will develop students' broad understanding of the different approaches to health (e.g. biomedical, psychological, sociological). This would include understanding the different factors which impact health; how different approaches may lead to different strategies for developing and evaluating health solutions; and different ways of measuring health. Students are then enabled to consider how these different approaches to health are reflected in health systems, both locally and internationally. Students will explore different healthcare systems locally and internationally, whilst gaining knowledge of current and future challenges for health systems and health policy in Australia and abroad.

Code HSBH1012
Academic unit Participation Sciences
Credit points 6
HSBH1006 or HSBH1008 or HSBH1009

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Discuss the effectiveness of national and global health systems in supporting the different approaches to health
  • LO2. Apply your understanding of the social determinants of health to evaluate the effectiveness of health systems and approaches to improving health and wellbeing.
  • LO3. Explain the complexity of factors influencing healthcare decisions at individual, community, and systems levels
  • LO4. Communicate effectively in a range of contexts, using different writing styles as appropriate
  • LO5. Critically evaluate and synthesise evidence to draw conclusions about contemporary issues in health and health care