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Unit of study_

HSBH2009: Innovations in eHealth

Digital technologies are changing the health landscape from consumers having access to Dr Google to clinicians using virtual reality as part of treatment. This unit of study explores the impact of digital technologies on our health and wellbeing and includes consideration of how these devices and software interact with the healthcare system, affect attitudes towards health and healthcare providers, and change the discussions about health ethics, and health equity. Students will engage in practical, hands-on learning experience and complete authentic assessments such as designing innovations, creating an ePortfolio, and applying for a job.

Code HSBH2009
Academic unit Department of Medical Sciences
Credit points 6
48 credit points
Assumed knowledge:
HSBH1012, HSBH1013

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. critically apply their understanding of eHealth research, literature and learning activities to real-life health scenarios
  • LO2. engage in informed discussions about the ethical, legal, socio-cultural and political factors of eHealth in Australia and internationally
  • LO3. reflect on their learning experiences to develop insights into their learning processes and eHealth knowledge and skills
  • LO4. use technology to communicate professionally in a range of health contexts, to a diverse audience group
  • LO5. exercise team work skills to collaborate with peers to formulate and develop solutions that would address various real world health problems
  • LO6. create evidence-based health resources using multimedia.