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HSTY3803: British and Modern European History

The birth of modern Europe reshaped the world. This advanced seminar will examine aspects of politics, culture, economics and society in Europe, including Britain and Ireland, and relations between European countries, their empires and the wider world in times of conflict and fragile peace. As you investigate these vexed and interlinked histories, you will hone your research and analytic skills to understand connection, causality and the drivers of change.

Code HSTY3803
Academic unit History
Credit points 6
12 credit points at 2000 level in History

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. 1) Demonstrate expert knowledge of period, place or culture in British and Modern European history
  • LO2. 2) Demonstrate expert understanding of a variety of approaches to interpreting British and Modern European history, and skilfully employ and manipulate such approaches in their own work
  • LO3. 3) Skilfully analyse and interpret both primary evidence and secondary literature
  • LO4. 4) Work both independently and collaboratively to develop and refine historical understanding and awareness
  • LO5. 5) Demonstrate capacity to integrate Indigenous and non-Western perspectives on the past and understand how axes of inequality (such as gender and racial inequalities) have been historically constructed
  • LO6. 6) Demonstrate the skills needed to construct an evidence-based argument or narrative in written, oral, visual, or digital form
  • LO7. 7) Demonstrate sophisticated information and digital literacy in research