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HTIN5003: Health Technology Evaluation

Many issues have been identified that are of potential relevance for planning, implementation and execution of an evaluation study in the health and technology innovations. This unit aims to address issues covering all phases of an evaluation study: Preliminary outline, study design, operationalization of methods, planning, execution and completion of the evaluation study. Students completing this unit will have better insights leading to a higher quality of evaluation studies for health technology solutions. This unit is an important component towards building stronger evidence and thus to progress towards evidence-based health solutions and technology innovations. Graduates of this unit of study will have a strong interdisciplinary knowledge base, covering diverse areas such as health, economics, health technologies, health informatics, social science and information systems. Topics areas covered: 1. Economic Aspects of Health Technology Evaluation; 2. The Development of Health Technologies and Health Informatics Evaluation; 3. The Role of Evaluation in the Use and Diffusion of Health Technology.

Code HTIN5003
Academic unit Computer Science
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand economic evaluation methods used to measure the benefits of health technology
  • LO2. understand the factors in technology evaluation that affect health technology development and use
  • LO3. understand the social and organisational impacts associated with the use and diffusion of health technology
  • LO4. use evaluation techniques to build an evidence-based understanding of the quality and efficacy of technology innovations implemented in health care settings
  • LO5. discuss the social and economic impacts of a health technology
  • LO6. understand the development of health technologies, and the integration of quality and professional standards
  • LO7. understand approaches to evaluate health informatics interventions used to measure the impact it has on the delivery of health services.