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HTIN6020: Health Technology Innovation Capstone

The Health Technology Innovation Capstone Project provides an opportunity to utilise technology to model and characterise a complex health challenge, preparing the way for future innovation and/or delivery of a novel technology solution to address an already well-defined health challenge. It is not expected that the project outcomes of this unit will represent a significant contribution to new knowledge. The unit aims to provide students with the opportunity to carry out a defined piece of independent investigative research or design work in a setting and in a manner that fosters the development of skills in research or design. The student will be required to demonstrate the desired learning outcome of combining cross-disciplinary contexts of health and technology and management of these in this task. This learning requirement will provide a strong base for future research within the CPC network or work opportunities in the health industry upon completion of the MHTI program. Projects can be directly tied to a candidate's vocational objectives or interests. Some projects will be experimental in nature, others may involve computer-based simulation, feasibility studies or the design, construction and testing of a software system or equipment. Candidates with experience and expertise from outside the health sector may be invited to partner with relevant team projects. Access to a registry of project opportunities, resources, consultants, co-supervisors will be provided. Students will generally work individually (or have an individual contribution to group project outcomes) for the semester.

Code HTIN6020
Academic unit Computer Science
Credit points 12
A candidate for the Master of Health Technology Innovation who has completed 24 credit points from Core, Specialist or Foundation units of study may take this unit
HTIN6030 OR HTIN6032 OR HTIN6011 OR HTIN6012. Students of the Master of Health Technology Innovation with Distinction average marks or above (after completion of 24 credit points) may choose either this unit or HTIN6011/HTIN6012 or HTIN6030/HTIN6032

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. formulate and plan a health technology related capstone project concept based on research and development
  • LO2. critically analyse and evaluate data, draw appropriate conclusions and present those conclusions in the context of a health-related challenge, with due consideration of methods and assumptions involved
  • LO3. develop evaluation techniques to build an evidence-based understanding of the quality and efficacy of technology innovation implemented in health care settings
  • LO4. utilise interdisciplinary approaches to health care and apply new technologies to solve complex problems
  • LO5. evaluate and assess the risk and safety issues associated with the introduction of new technologies to address health care issues
  • LO6. document and report investigative research work undertaken, evaluating one's original contribution, in a style appropriate for academic literature.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.