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Unit of study_

INFO4001: Thesis A

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Advanced Computing (BAdvComp) programs study various advanced aspects of Information Technology. The program may include lectures, tutorials, seminars and practicals. They will undertake a capstone project. Assessment will include the project and may include examinations and classwork.

Code INFO4001
Academic unit Computer Science
Credit points 6
INFO3333 and {completion of the requirements of a major in Computational Data Science [DATA3888 AND 12cp of (COMP3027 OR COMP3927 OR COMP3308 OR COMP3608 OR DATA3404 OR DATA3406)] or Computer Science [(COMP3027 OR COMP3927) AND (COMP3888 OR COMP3988) AND 6cp of (COMP3109 OR COMP3221 OR COMP3308 OR COMP3608 OR COMP3419 OR COMP3520)] or Cybersecurity (CSEC3616 AND ELEC3506 AND COMP3221 AND CSEC3888) or Information Systems (ISYS3401 AND (ISYS3402 OR INFS3050) AND ISYS3888) or Software Development [SOFT3202 AND (SOFT3410 OR INFO3315) AND SOFT3888]}

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Make an original contribution to the field
  • LO2. Carry out an extended supervised capstone project
  • LO3. Write a thesis presenting and evaluating one's original contribution, in a style suitable for the academic literature