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Unit of study_

INFO4444: Computing 4 Innovation

The computing field is changing very rapidly. Innovation is continual, with novel technology, novel processes, and novel business models. This unit prepares students for this aspect of their professional career, with a focus on understanding the complex relationships between innovation ideas and business value. The Business Canvas Model will be used to make systematic, the development of a case for business value. In particular, students will hear guest lectures from industry innovators, and they will learn about both successful and unsuccessful attempts to create business value from an innovative idea.

Code INFO4444
Academic unit Computer Science
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
Students should have knowledge of several different aspects of computing at the 3000-level

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Define innovation and differentiate between innovation and invention
  • LO2. Outline and discuss the importance of innovation to a country
  • LO3. Explain the concept of general-purpose technology and assess whether certain technologies are general-purpose technologies
  • LO4. Discuss and apply frameworks relating to the diffusion, adoption and maturity of innovation
  • LO5. Discuss and apply the concept of dominant design and any related framework(s), and evaluate the key drivers which contribute to the emergence of dominant design (or lack-thereof)
  • LO6. Explain key research on disruptive innovation and related concept(s), apply the Disruptive Innovation Model on specific case studies and discuss the concept of the Innovator’s Dilemma
  • LO7. Discuss, apply and evaluate open innovation, closed innovation and the eight open innovation methods
  • LO8. Outline and explain the different methods and strategies to protect the intellectual property of IT innovation
  • LO9. Discuss, apply and design the commercialisation process and business strategies for IT innovation, comprising of concepts and frameworks such as the customer development process, lean startups, agile development, value proposition canvas and business model canvas
  • LO10. Outline and evaluate the capital and fundraising pathways for IT innovation in Australia and abroad
  • LO11. Outline and evaluate the innovation ecosystems in Silicon Valley and Australia
  • LO12. Discuss and evaluate organisational cultures and structures that support innovation
  • LO13. Analyse, compare, contrast and judge IT innovation based on various methodologies