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Unit of study_

INFS1020: Working in Digital Ecosystems

Digital ecosystems (such as social media, blockchain, technology platforms, artificial intelligence, big data, people analytics, and cybersecurity) fundamentally change the way we collect and present ideas, communicate, and work together. In this unit, students are introduced to various digital ecosystems and their implications for how work is done. Students learn about how employers recruit graduates online, what it is like to join and work in a modern, digital workplace, and the tensions that arise when traditional, structured workplaces are transformed through digital, flexible, and networked ways of working. Students engage in hands-on activities to acquire skills for how to present themselves effectively and professionally online (personal branding), how to communicate in digital channels in an organisational context (professional communication), how to effectively search for and work with digital information (data literacy), and how to digitally coordinate work in teams.

Code INFS1020
Academic unit Business Information Systems
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
INFS1000 or INFO1000 or INFO1003 or INFO1903

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand how digital technology changes work environments and how work is organised
  • LO2. demonstrate critical discernment of popular claims about the future of work and the role of technology in this transformation process
  • LO3. communicate ideas effectively using digital online technology and audiovisual elements
  • LO4. make judgements about the effective use of digital technologies for purposes of self-presentation online
  • LO5. appreciate the complexities of working with others effectively in a digital work environment.