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Unit of study_

INFS2040: Working in High-Performing Project Teams

Projects are a common way of managing organisational transformation and change, the development of new products and the implementation of Information Technology (IT) in business. Information Systems (IS) business analysts will work in projects and need an understanding of both project management and the project environment. This unit will introduce you to the end-to-end project management lifecycle as described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). You will learn how to successfully manage projects from initiation through execution to completion. The focus of this unit will be on the management, execution, and coordination of project activities. To this end, you will learn hands-on project management techniques and gain first-hand experience with a modern online project management platform, including an introduction to agile project management methodologies.

Code INFS2040
Academic unit Business Information Systems
Credit points 6
INFO3402 or ENGG1850
Assumed knowledge:
INFS1000 or INFS1020 or INFO1000 or INFO1003 or INFO1903

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. describe the key phases of the project management life cycle including the tools and methods used in each of those phases
  • LO2. describe and explain the need for project management in the context of information systems (IS)
  • LO3. recognise the key attributes of alternative IS project management methodologies including Agile methods
  • LO4. analyse critically past Information Systems projects, explaining and justifying key themes that contributed to the success or failure of those projects
  • LO5. set up and manage a project using an online project management platform
  • LO6. describe and explain contemporary IS trends and issues that impact IS project management
  • LO7. learn about design thinking and how to manage ideas in a team setting, both hard and soft skills.