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Unit of study_

INFS3110: Information Systems for Accountants

This unit demonstrates how accounting information systems (AIS) can improve business performance relating to the conduct of accounting based transactions. It provides students with the skills necessary to identify and assess opportunities for business improvement, by looking at both conceptual and physical AIS and to understand the varied ways in which the business must assess risks, controls, costs and benefits in relation to the implementation of an AIS. From an end-to-end systems perspective, students gain knowledge of approaches and methodologies related to the design, implementation and operation of an AIS. Through graphic representations, visual thinking can be applied to analyse, assess and improve the conceptual AIS with a view to its physical implementation. Students learn the importance of an integrated approach to managing business cycles including expenditure, conversion and revenue where multiple competing requirements often need to be balanced. Students develop expertise in business analysis, a foundation skill for accountants, auditors, project managers and business analysts.

Code INFS3110
Academic unit Business Information Systems
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
INFS1000 or INFO1000 or INFO1003 or INFO1903

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. identify and describe the concepts, history and current status of business processes and enterprise systems
  • LO2. identify and describe the broader information infrastructure in which such systems are embedded
  • LO3. identify and describe the main features of enterprise risk management, and the way in which this is related to information infrastructures
  • LO4. identify and describe the ways in which accountants interact with information infrastructures
  • LO5. identify different stakeholders and their ethical, social and cultural issues in the design, implementation, use and assurance of information infrastructures
  • LO6. demonstrated ability to design, document and analyse business processes and internal controls
  • LO7. conduct a literature review and develop and support arguments regarding accountants and their relationship to information infrastructures
  • LO8. communicate orally and written form knowledge on all concepts identified through class discussions, group work, individual assignments and group assignments
  • LO9. provide constructive feedback to peers and address issues identified by instructors and peers when reflecting and revising your own written work.