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Unit of study_

JAZZ2623: Jazz Music Skills 3

Harmony and Arranging Module: Concentrates on more complex harmonic material that forms the basis for Jazz Improvisation 3. Students will learn big band orchestration which will include ensemble scoring, sax soli, background writing, form and the related uses of counterpoint. There will be detailed analysis of scores of major composers and arrangers. Methods of reharmonisation of existing jazz and standard compositions will be explored further. Aural Module: Consolidates and expands upon concepts and skills introduced in Jazz Music Skills 1 and 2, plus introducing advanced chord types, and increasingly complex harmonic structures. N.B Both the Harmony and Aural Modules must be passed in order for the student to proceed to Jazz Music Skills 4.

Code JAZZ2623
Academic unit Jazz
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate knowledge of fundamental jazz harmonic principles through improvisation in a coherent way
  • LO2. analyse jazz arrangements from a range of styles and eras
  • LO3. write arrangements for jazz big band in a number of styles.
  • LO4. recognise intervals within two octaves
  • LO5. identify all chord qualities including eleventh chords, with possible alterations of the 9th and 5th
  • LO6. identify 7th chords in all inversions
  • LO7. transcribe short melodies
  • LO8. transcribe 8 bar chord progressions – including chromatic passing chords, non-functional bass movement and modulations.
  • LO9. Play jazz melodies on Piano with left hand accompaniment
  • LO10. Perform A and B jazz voicings on Piano for Maj7, min7, dom7 chords