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Unit of study_

JPNS3612: Japanese 6

This unit aims to consolidate and extend intermediate level linguistic skills, through the acquisition of conversational strategies such as notions of apology, reasoning, opinions and explanations. Besides oral practice, writing and reading practice will help strengthen grammatical, lexical and cultural knowledge. Students will be able to read about 850 kanji and write about 500 kanji by the end of the semester. The above aims will be achieved by exploring various topics relating to contemporary Japan through authentic materials.

Code JPNS3612
Academic unit Japanese Studies
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. read about 850 kanji and write about 500 kanji
  • LO2. use available resources (including dictionaries and grammar guides) well enough to understand meanings of non-specialized texts without relying on teacher support
  • LO3. understand and use grammatical forms and expressions confidently at the upper intermediate level
  • LO4. use a range of strategies for reading and understanding detailed and subtle meanings in non-specialized texts
  • LO5. express yourself using contextually and culturally appropriate Japanese and understand others in context with an upper intermediate degree of proficiency
  • LO6. be an independent learner who takes responsibility for your own learning
  • LO7. work respectfully and effectively in teams and other collaborative contexts