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Unit of study_

KEYB3002: Pedagogy Piano 1

KEYB3002 is the first semester of a two semester course in piano pedagogy. Students are introduced to principles and pedagogical models for the beginning piano student. Learning theories as applicable to child development will be explored, introductory piano methods, technique and repertoire.

Code KEYB3002
Academic unit Piano
Credit points 3

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. compare and evaluate different types of piano methods for the beginning piano student and how they reflect pedagogical principles studied during this unit
  • LO2. learn repertoire and provide a critique of various repertoire anthologies
  • LO3. utilise creative approaches to teaching foundation areas of musical skills, including technique, rhythm, touch and reading skills and general musicianship
  • LO4. commence the exploration of your own approach to teaching basic music skills based on a considered philosophical standpoint
  • LO5. understand basics of human anatomy
  • LO6. reflect on their teaching styles by presenting micro teaching modules for peer and teacher review.