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LATN1601: Introduction to Latin 2

This unit builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in LATN1600, enabling students to read more complex Latin texts. It concentrates particularly on reading skills and the syntax of the sentence, while also introducing further grammatical concepts and constructions. Grammatical knowledge is reinforced by translation from and into Latin, while reading skills are further consolidated through the study of a wide variety of longer extracts from Latin prose and verse texts.

Code LATN1601
Academic unit Classics and Ancient History
Credit points 6
LATN1600 or LATN2620
LATN2621 or HSC Latin or IB Latin

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of Latin morphology, grammar and syntax.
  • LO2. demonstrate a foundational knowledge of grammatical concepts and terminology commonly used to discuss the Latin language
  • LO3. recognise and generate most Latin word forms
  • LO4. demonstrate developing expertise in a range of knowledge-based problem-solving tasks, and an ability to effectively communicate your growing understanding of the Latin language.
  • LO5. demonstrate a foundational Latin vocabulary.
  • LO6. exhibit an ability to read and write simple and complex Latin sentences independently and with confidence.
  • LO7. demonstrate basic proficiency in reading short and longer original passages from works of Latin literature.