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LATN2601: Intermediate Latin 2

This unit develops skills in the literary study of Latin texts, and builds further on language knowledge and translation skills acquired in LATN2600. It will involve the close reading of classic works of Latin prose and/or poetry, to be advised in advance on the Department of Classics and Ancient History website. Attention will be paid to style, literary and narrative technique, and the generic and socio-historical background of the texts, as well as to the intricacies of grammar and syntax.

Code LATN2601
Academic unit Classics and Ancient History
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate intermediate levels of disciplinary knowledge and skills
  • LO2. demonstrate mastery of advanced grammatical and syntactical concepts, and skills in reading, translation and grammatical analysis of extended extracts from original Latin texts in a range of genres
  • LO3. demonstrate a broad general vocabulary, and an understanding of the context in which words are used
  • LO4. demonstrate knowledge of scholarly approaches to Latin literature and understanding of the critical terminology and theory used in the academic study of Latin literature
  • LO5. communicate a developing understanding of the ways in which the Latin language is used to create meaning in literary texts through the construction of coherent, evidence-based analyses of the texts and extracts studied
  • LO6. examine complex passages of literary Latin and work independently to research and analyse them in an innovative way.
  • LO7. improve personal transferable skills, including analytical and critical skills, problem solving skills, independent and group study skills, communication skills, and intercultural knowledge.