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LAWS6195: Immigration and Labour Law

2023 unit information

Immigration and Labour Law is a specialist unit designed to provide candidates with an opportunity to explore in depth a particular facet of immigration law that concerning the admission and treatment of noncitizens on grounds of employment or special skills. The unit is designed to be interdisciplinary in its focus offering insights for both candidates with particular interests in migration law and those with expertise or interests in employment law It examines the economic basis of the skilled component of Australias immigration program exploring the different theories and practical strategies adopted over the years in the selection of skilled migrants. It also looks in some detail at the various components of the skilled migration business skills and temporary skills transfer sub-programs. The unit involves the study of the laws and policies relevant to both the employment of foreign workers in Australia and the employment of Australian workers overseas. The unit covers substantive aspects of migration and labour law in Australia as well as law and policies relevant to the settlement and ongoing employment of foreign workers Included for special study in this regard are the matters of the recognition of overseas qualifications and the taxation superannuation and investment laws applicable to foreign workers. The unit of study is designed to foster the following skills: Skills of statutory interpretation and problem-solving through the study and use in practical situations of the Migration Act 1958 and its associated Regulations Skills of legal analysis and evaluation gained through the examination and synthesis of relevant legislation of court decisions and of rulings by the Migration Review Tribunal and Oral and writing skills through class participation simulation exercises and the preparation of a major research paper.

Unit details and rules

Managing faculty or University school:


Code LAWS6195
Academic unit Law
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
LAWS6252 or a law degree and LAWS6071 (MLLR students only)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an advanced and integrated understanding of the fundamental and underlying principles, concepts and practices of law and policy governing employment-based migration that apply in Australia and the many broader contexts in which law operates and develops.
  • LO2. review, analyse and respond critically and creatively to legal questions faced by migrants wishing to gain temporary or permanent status through work, applying and integrating knowledges, reasoning and research.
  • LO3. review, analyse and respond critically and creatively to legal questions faced by employers wishing to sponsor non-citizens as employees on either a temporary or permanent basis;
  • LO4. acquire advanced intellectual and practical skills to identify, find, evaluate and synthesise relevant factual, legal, scholarly and policy information relating to the intersections between immigration law and labour law so as to develop an understanding of current laws and policies in their historical, ethical and economic context;
  • LO5. evaluate the operation of relevant laws and policies so as to determine their coherence, efficiency and fairness, developing an advanced understanding of respectful and ethical conduct, and an ability to recognise and reflect upon responsibilities to the legal profession, the legal system, the community, and the pursuit of justice.
  • LO6. understand the development of law, policy and practice to address the abuse of migrant workers in matters including wages and working conditions
  • LO7. develop a critical understanding of law, policy and practice relating to human trafficking in Australia.
  • LO8. develop an advanced ability to work independently and collaboratively as appropriate, and evaluate, reflect on and use feedback to develop personal and professional capability, including sound judgement.

Unit availability

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There are no availabilities for this year.
Session MoA ?  Location Outline ? 
Intensive November 2021
Block mode Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Intensive November 2021
Block mode Remote
Intensive November 2023
Block mode Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney

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