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Unit of study_

LNGS2624: Grammar in the World's Languages

All languages can be used to build meanings of roughly equivalent complexity, but they often do this in very different ways. This core unit focuses on morphology and syntax, exploring the nature of these aspects of language, and showing how they are related to other aspects of language such as discourse and the lexicon.

Code LNGS2624
Academic unit Linguistics
Credit points 6
6 credit points of 1000 level in Linguistics

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. exercise critical judgment in analysing the syntactic structures of languages of diverse structural types
  • LO2. engage in rigorous and independent thinking, through problem solving
  • LO3. exercise creativity and imagination in understanding and discussing the structure and functions of the syntactic structures of languages
  • LO4. demonstrate a deeper understanding of the central issues in syntax
  • LO5. demonstrate a solid grounding in syntactic theory and be able to use it independently to analyse syntactic structures of different languages.