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Unit of study_

MECO6913: Public Opinion, Policy and Public Sphere

This unit analyses the relationship between professional communication and public opinion. It focuses on theories of influence and persuasion in the context of the development of policy, and how these are reflected in the public sphere. It develops the notion of the public sphere as represented by Habermas, Fraser, Schudson and others, focusing in particular on the transformation of the public sphere in terms of postmodern public relations.

Code MECO6913
Academic unit Media and Communications
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. research and analyse the roles of various stakeholders, including states, NGOs and other civil society actors in the formation of public policy
  • LO2. critically assess the communication approaches, strategies and tactics these stakeholders employ
  • LO3. reflect on the role of the professional communicator in influencing public opinion and legitimating policy
  • LO4. interrogate theoretical positions and assumptions regarding the concept of the public sphere and processes of public opinion formation in a postmodern context
  • LO5. employ theoretical frameworks to analyse political communication
  • LO6. collaborate in discussion, debate and role-play on issues of global policy governance.