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MEDF5301: Project (Advanced Masters)

Candidates will work on an independent research project in an area of specific interest relevant to their master's degree. The project may take the form of analysis of an existing data set, a systematic or integrative review of the literature, a case series, survey or other project acceptable to the project supervisor. In some streams, projects may be available for students to select. It is essential, where there is the use of patient information or recruitment of patient study subjects, that appropriate ethics approval is gained from the governing body where the project will take place. The candidate will enter into a learning contract and will be guided through the steps required to plan and execute a substantial research project and prepare a scholarly work which may be a paper for publication. A candidate must enrol in a minimum of 12 credit points of project units of study in order to submit their final written work. Approval of the project and supervisor by the Program Director must be confirmed prior to commencing the project.

Code MEDF5301
Academic unit Critical Care
Credit points 12

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Formulate a specific research question that addresses a gap in the literature
  • LO2. Use appropriate strategies for searching the published literature, and confidently use a referencing management system
  • LO3. Write a research proposal
  • LO4. Interpret basic statistical results
  • LO5. Synthesise relevant literature and statistical results into a manuscript ready for publication
  • LO6. Confidently present your work and research findings