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Unit of study_

MIBS6005: International Business Project A

This unit aims to prepare students for global careers and to develop and improve their professional practice in cross-border and cross-cultural settings. It provides the opportunity to undertake advanced training in the areas of research methodology, professional communication in its many forms, teamwork, analytical skills, project management and consulting. The unit also involves preparatory work for the International Business Project B (MIBS6006). Project scoping, planning and analysis forms an important part of the activities and assessment for this unit. This allows students to apply their domain knowledge and professional skills to solving a real-life problem in international business.

Code MIBS6005
Academic unit International Business
Credit points 6
MIBS6001 and MIBS6002 and MIBS6003 and MIBS6004
IBUS6001 or IBUS6002

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an integrated understanding of key concepts, techniques and trends in the field of international business practice, and the challenges and opportunities involved in applying this knowledge in the context of a real life business project
  • LO2. demonstrate autonomous and constructive critical thinking; the ability to question, assess and respond independently and creatively to assumptions, propositions and debates within the field of international business
  • LO3. apply a range of quantitative and qualitative research skills to identify and diagnose complex and unfamiliar problems. Use these findings to formulate strategically appropriate solutions for a client's business' international activities
  • LO4. act as a persuasive communicator; the ability to use a range of communications strategies, both oral and written, to effectively conduct market research and act as a business consultant
  • LO5. demonstrate capable team-membership in work-related contexts; the ability to work collaboratively to address complex and unfamiliar problems
  • LO6. propose ethical and social solutions to complex international business problems
  • LO7. conduct international market research with moral consideration towards all stakeholders.