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MICR3042: Microbiology Research Skills

Research in molecular microbiology is needed to tackle problems in medicine, agriculture, environmental science, and biotechnology. This Unit of Study focuses on developing practical skills and training in experimental approaches and that are essential for laboratory research in molecular microbiology, together with knowledge of the underlying theoretical concepts. We will focus on key areas of modern microbiology including Bioremediation, where micro-organisms are used to break down harmful substrates in the environment; Microbial biotechnology, which explores how microbes can be used as cellular factories to produce useful products; Medical microbiology, where molecular epidemiology is used to track a disease outbreak, and Yeast genetics, where we explore genes and protein interaction networks that cells regulate in their response to antibiotic agents.

Code MICR3042
Academic unit Life and Environmental Sciences Academic Operations
Credit points 6
[6cp from (BIOL1XX7 or MBLGXXXX) and 6cp from (MEDS2004 or MICR2X22 or MIMI2X02)] OR (BMED2401 and BMED2404) OR [12cp from (MICR2024 or MICR2X31 or GEGE2X01 or GENE2002)]
Assumed knowledge:
MICR2X21 or MICR2024 or MICR2X31

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. describe & apply research principles and methods in molecular microbiology
  • LO2. explain how different molecular methods can be used in different microbiology contexts: medical, environmental and industrial
  • LO3. demonstrate practical skills essential for molecular microbiology research
  • LO4. plan experiments in microbiology and molecular biology
  • LO5. correctly use LabArchive electronic notebooks
  • LO6. analyse and present microbiological and molecular data.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.

There are no unit outlines available online for the current year.