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Unit of study_

MKTG2112: Consumer Behaviour

This unit examines the psychological, social, and cultural aspects of consumer behaviour on the marketing decisions of public and private organisations. Concepts and principles are drawn from disciplines such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, sociology, anthropology, and demography to discover and understand various aspects of consumer behaviour. Specific topics of study include: cultural, demographic and psychographic influences; reference group influences; household decision processes and consumption behaviour; consumer perception and learning; motivation, personality and emotion; consumer attitudes; and purchase decision processes.

Code MKTG2112
Academic unit Marketing
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. evaluate underlying theories, concepts, assumptions, limitations and arguments in the study of consumer behaviour
  • LO2. identify, analyse and assess both factual and real-world issues and problems related to consumers’ behaviour
  • LO3. develop appropriate solutions to address consumer behaviour problems and provide coherent arguments to support your recommendations
  • LO4. demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour theories and concepts and how they may be strategically applied to business problems and marketing practice
  • LO5. collect, research, manage, analyse, evaluate and use information related to the behaviour of consumers efficiently and responsibly
  • LO6. be open to new ways of thinking and appreciate the importance of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and reflection as the foundation for continuous learning
  • LO7. collaborate and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds with inclusiveness, open-mindedness and civility, and to communicate your thoughts and opinions confidently and to a professional standard.