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MKTG3120: Building and Managing Brands

The most important intangible asset of any organisation is its brand or portfolio of brands. Marketers use an array of internal and external communications approaches to deliver the brand's overall value proposition and experience to its key stakeholders and target customers, and thereby build brand equity. Names, symbols, and slogans along with their underlying associations, perceived quality, brand awareness, customer base and related proprietary resources form the basis for brand equity. Most brands fail because of the lack of proper market research and analysis that enables the brand's core values to be articulated, accurate positioning strategies to be developed, and complete alignment to be achieved between internal and external brand building communications. This unit helps students understand the concept of brand equity and the management of brand assets by learning how to strategically create, position, develop and sustain brand equity.

Code MKTG3120
Academic unit Marketing
Credit points 6
MKTG1001 or SIEN1000

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Identify the steps brand managers take in building strong brands for product and service offerings
  • LO2. Explain why brand strategy sets the overall direction for business strategy, and how it delivers value for the company, its customers and key stakeholders
  • LO3. Integrate the strategic issues involved in creating, revitalising, and sustaining a brand or portfolio of brands
  • LO4. Apply the various methodologies, processes, and tools available to conduct a brand audit to discover its sources of brand equity