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Unit of study_

MKTG5001: Foundation in Marketing

This unit introduces students to basic principles and language of marketing theory and practice. Marketing principles are examined in relation to a wide variety of products and services, in both commercial and non-commercial domains. An emphasis is placed on strategy planning and the marketing decision process. It is an introduction to the issues and terminology of marketing that can serve as a standalone understanding of the basics of marketing or as a foundation unit for further study in marketing. The unit focuses on the practical analysis marketing and the marketing management process and the development of the marketing mix the components that make up a marketing plan.

Code MKTG5001
Academic unit Marketing
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Understand the concepts and terminology of marketing and their role in the organisation, the economy and society. Students should be able to correctly use the terms and concepts of marketing in their assessments, as well as bringing these into their professional engagements either as marketers themselves in their exchanges with marketers.
  • LO2. Demonstrate and apply sound analytical and problem-solving skills in developing solutions for "real" marketing issues
  • LO3. Relate course material to everyday life and see your everyday experiences through the eyes of a marketer.
  • LO4. Evaluate the marketing options, in a real-life marketing example. Formulate and implement your plan that will effectively deliver on evaluated marketing options.
  • LO5. Operate effectively and constructively in a team environment to produce a quality group outcome by discussing ideas and recommendations clearly and persuasively through written channels
  • LO6. Communicate your ideas and solutions effectively through written and verbal channels.