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Unit of study_

MUSC1503: Fundamentals of Music 1

An introduction to basic music literacy skills, including learning to read and write music, and an understanding of fundamental aspects of its structure and composition. The material covered in this unit of study concentrates upon the basics of music theory and listening to ensure that participants have a solid grounding for a firm understanding of music notation and organisation.

Code MUSC1503
Academic unit Arts Music
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand basic music notation
  • LO2. create new music using music notation skills and using techniques common to many Western music composers
  • LO3. recognise musical structures and in many cases, notate them
  • LO4. use pieces of music technology and be able to apply these skills to other forms of music technology in the future
  • LO5. gain an insight into alternative forms of music-making, both Western and non-Western.