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MUSC2614: Composition Workshop

Composition Workshop is designed as an opportunity for students from all musical backgrounds to play, write and perform music together. Each student will write a new piece for an ensemble of classmates that will be performed in an end of semester concert. Set topics studied in this course include: Creative and Resourceful Instrumentation (body percussion, mobile phones as instruments, the human voice and found percussion instruments), Soundscape, Indeterminacy and Loops. The first four weeks of the course are spent exploring these topics through lectures and creative group composition exercises. Students will also look notating their music using one-page scores, graphic notation, time-space notation and text scores. From Week 5 onwards, students will workshop and rehearse their own concert piece for an ensemble of musicians from their class.

Code MUSC2614
Academic unit Arts Music
Credit points 6
18 credit points of 1000-level units

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Research composition methods and repertoire.
  • LO2. Experimentation with musical concepts.
  • LO3. Notate and score creative ideas for a diverse range of musicians.
  • LO4. Complete an original musical composition
  • LO5. Lead workshops and rehearsals of your own composition.
  • LO6. Collaborate with other composers to workshop, rehearse and perform their work.
  • LO7. Write about your creative work.
  • LO8. Present and share an original composition with an audience.
  • LO9. Document creative work and be able to digitally distribute it.