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OCCP5245: OT in Learning and Co-ord Difficulties

This unit will give opportunities for students to study the impact of learning disabilities on children's home and school occupational performance. During the semester, students will study: various explanations learning disorders; common assessment procedures used by occupational therapists to identify problems; and interventions. The focus will be on direct intervention as experienced in private practice occupational therapy for children and consultation with schools. Students will be required to test at least one young child (typical child, rather than child with difficulties) aged between 5 and 9 years.

Code OCCP5245
Academic unit Participation Sciences
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. discuss the various definitions of learning disorders and their application within Australian education, and medical service delivery systems
  • LO2. identify and describe the major co-morbidities that occur with learning disorders
  • LO3. describe the impact of learning disorders on occupational performance of children, adults, family members, and other significant role partners
  • LO4. describe the major features of contemporary service delivery models employed by occupational therapists in hospitals, schools, private practice, and other private and government community service providers
  • LO5. outline principles of selected standardised and observational assessments
  • LO6. administer suitable assessment procedures to children with a range of ages, abilities, and learning disorder typologies
  • LO7. interpret assessment data relative to the occupational needs of the child, family, and context
  • LO8. set appropriate intervention goals for children with a range of ages, abilities, and learning disorder typologies
  • LO9. design occupational therapy intervention around specific case-based information that offers alternatives (using individual intervention, group intervention, home based intervention, and consultation)
  • LO10. investigate and summarise the available evidence to support intervention methods chosen.