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OLET1632: Shark Bites and Other Data Stories

This OLE gives students a simple, transferable approach to the exploration of multivariate data in everyday life using simple coding in R. You will investigate the relationship between variables in spreadsheet like data, learning what questions to ask, what techniques to use, and what mistakes to avoid. Focused on concepts, not formulae, the OLE is accessible for students from any discipline. You will focus on studies, including: How does the Australian public respond to shark bites? Is mobile phone usage related to higher incidence of brain tumors?

Code OLET1632
Academic unit Mathematics and Statistics Academic Operations
Credit points 2

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. perform data analysis on multivariate data in a team, and communicate the findings through reproducible statistical reports and oral presentations
  • LO2. perform data analysis on multivariate data
  • LO3. perform initial data analysis on multivariate data
  • LO4. choose appropriate statistical tools for multivariate data
  • LO5. recognise common mistakes in interpretation.