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Unit of study_

PACS6901: United Nations, Peace and Security

In this unit students critically examine the role of the United Nations in promoting international peace and security. Contemporary and historical case studies are used to analyse the UN's performance in relation to such activities as peacemaking, peacekeeping, peacebuilding and peace enforcement. We assess the challenges facing the UN in achieving its mandate and implementing reform with a view to attaining peace with justice.

Code PACS6901
Academic unit Sociology and Criminology
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. assess the contribution of the UN to the maintenance of international peace and security by considering historical and contemporary examples of conflicts and situations in which the UN has played, or was expected to play, a role
  • LO2. use case studies to illustrate and explore the challenges and key issues of contention that influence the credibility and performance of the UN
  • LO3. analyse and evaluate the role and functions of the UN, as well as to think of ways of improving its performance both in ending the ‘scourge of war’ and promoting peace with justice
  • LO4. understand and appreciate UN professional practices at both the diplomatic level and in the management of field-based operations, which would be helpful for them in pursuing a career with the United Nations.