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PHIL2617: Practical Ethics

This unit draws on contemporary moral philosophy to shed light on some of the most pressing practical, ethical questions of our time, including euthanasia, abortion, surrogacy, censorship, animal rights, genetic testing and cloning and environmental ethics. By the end of the unit, students should have a good understanding of these practical ethical issues; and, more crucially, be equipped with the conceptual resources to think through new ethical questions and dilemmas as they arise in their personal and professional lives.

Code PHIL2617
Academic unit Philosophy
Credit points 6
12 credit points at 1000 level
PHIL2517 or PHIL3617

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. develop analytical and critical thinking skills, communication skills, research skills, lateral thinking skills and independent thinking skills
  • LO2. develop capacity to engage openmindedly with different viewpoints, analyse and evaluate arguments and to develop and communicate new perspectives clearly
  • LO3. reflect on, and appreciate personal, civic and professional ethical obligations
  • LO4. demonstrate attributes of philosophical scholarship, including understanding the methods of philosophical analysis and argument.