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Unit of study_

PHYS3015: Topics in Senior Physics A

This unit is normally restricted to students not majoring in Physics, or for students during the transition period from 2018 units to 2019 3000-level physics units, giving them the flexibility to take a combination of modules that is not offered in the standard units. The unit consists of a combination totalling 6CP from the following modules offered in PHYS3034 and PYS3036: Particle Physics (2CP), Statistical Mechanics (2CP), Quantum Mechanics (2CP), Condensed Matter Physics (2CP), Computational Physics (2CP) and Experimental Physics (2CP or 4CP). Please obtain permission from the Senior Physics Coordinator.

Code PHYS3015
Academic unit Physics Academic Operations
Credit points 6
(PHYS2011 or PHYS2911 or PHYS2921) and (PHYS2012 or PHYS2912 or PHYS2922)
Assumed knowledge:
6 credit points of Intermediate Mathematics

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an understanding of key concepts in several areas of physics
  • LO2. apply these concepts to develop models, and to solve qualitative and quantitative problems in scientific contexts, using appropriate mathematical and computing techniques as necessary
  • LO3. design computer programs to solve physical problems
  • LO4. compare and critique experimental approaches and different approaches to numerically solving physical problems
  • LO5. carry out and analyse experiments to measure specific effects
  • LO6. communicate scientific information appropriately, through written work
  • LO7. analyse a physical problems in physics and develop a formalism appropriate for solving them
  • LO8. demonstrate a sense of responsibility, ethical behaviour, and independence as a learner and as a scientist.