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PMGT4851: Project Management Honours Project B

The ability to plan, systematically conduct and report on a major research project is an important skill for Project Managers. The most important deliverable in PMGT4850 and PMGT4851 is a formally written, academic-based research thesis. This is a major task that is to be conducted over the year in two successive units of study of 12 credit points each. Students will build on technical competencies previously obtained from years 1, 2 and 3 of the BPM course, as well as make use of the academic writing and communication skills they have developed. In PMGT4850, students are required to plan and begin work on a research project, in consultation and close supervision by an academic staff member. Some of the projects will be experimental in nature, while others may involve computer-based simulation, design or literature surveys. In this unit, through close supervision and independent research, students will learn how to examine published and experimental literature and data, write reviews of literature, set down specific and achievable research objectives, organise a program of work and devise an experimental, developmental, or exploratory program of research using specific research methods or a combination of them (e. g. qualitative interviews, surveys, statistical analysis, mixed-method, etc. ). In PMGT4851, students are required to have completed most of their literature review and be in the "execution" phase of their research. This is where the bulk of the investigative work and data collection/analyses/validation takes place and much of the writing of the final thesis begins to eventuate. From both units, the skills acquired will be invaluable to students undertaking project management work as it broadens their repertoire of skills including critical thinking, ability to ask good questions, ability to think "outside the box", critical review of existing literature, research and analytical skills and written and oral presentation. Students are expected to take the initiative and learn to be independent thinkers when pursuing their research project.

Code PMGT4851
Academic unit Project Management
Credit points 12
Students are required to achieve a minimum 65% average mark in the 2000 and 3000 level units of study in the normal BPM program to be eligible for entry to Honours

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. formulate and plan a personal research project
  • LO2. employ originality, ingenuity and initiative in dealing with critical research issues
  • LO3. manage the scope and delivery of milestones set out in the research plan through continuous monitoring and control
  • LO4. formulate an appropriate method for investigating a specific research question
  • LO5. analyse data, draw appropriate conclusions and present those conclusions in context, with due consideration of methods and assumptions involved
  • LO6. demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of a specialised area within the project management and/or other discipline/domain that contributes to the body of knowledge in project management and/or other discipline/domain
  • LO7. document and report research work undertaken in a format appropriate for academic literature with correct referencing
  • LO8. deliver a research presentation that is clear, confident and engaging to an academic audience
  • LO9. be proactive and connect research inputs and outcomes/implications with members from academia, practitioners and the community in general.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 2 weeks before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.