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During 2021 we will continue to support students who need to study remotely due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and travel restrictions. Make sure you check the location code when selecting a unit outline or choosing your units of study in Sydney Student. Find out more about what these codes mean. Both remote and on-campus locations have the same learning activities and assessments, however teaching staff may vary. More information about face-to-face teaching and assessment arrangements for each unit will be provided on Canvas.

Unit of study_

PMGT5851: Project Management Dissertation A

The dissertation is available to students who have a strong research interest and who are deemed capable of completing an extensive research project. The aim of the dissertation is to complete a substantial research project and successfully analyse a problem, devise appropriate research methods, analyse the results and produce a well-argued, in-depth thesis. It is expected that the dissertation will be conducted over two consecutive semesters although the two 12 credit point units PMGT5851 and PMGT5852 may, with permission, be undertaken concurrently. This unit of study, which must precede PMGT5852 Project Management Dissertation B, should cover the first half of the work required for a complete dissertation project. In particular, it should include almost all project planning, a major proportion of the necessary background research, and a significant proportion of the investigative or design work required of the project.

Code PMGT5851
Academic unit Civil Engineering
Credit points 12
PMGT5883 OR PMGT5884 OR PMGT5850

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. document and report research work by following a format appropriate for academic literature
  • LO2. demonstrate the ability to disseminate research work accurately, informatively and constructively to both academic and non-academic audience in a professional manner
  • LO3. conceptualise the relevant theory and/or method required to address a research problem in an academic manner
  • LO4. drive a research project and take ownership in articulating, designing and planning a research project
  • LO5. demonstrate originality, ingenuity and initiative in dealing with critical research issues
  • LO6. articulate a research question or questions and select and justify research philosophy and research methods suitable for addressing the identified research question(s)
  • LO7. demonstrate an in-depth understanding of research method(s) required to conduct a critical analysis and investigation of relevant project processes in a specific context
  • LO8. draw conclusions based on raw data analysis and refine those conclusions in context based on consideration of methods and assumptions involved.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 2 weeks before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.