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PMGT5876: Strategic Delivery of Change

Welcome to PMGT5876 Strategic Delivery of Change. This course is designed to foster and promote critical thinking and the application of good theory to inform good practice in the strategic delivery of organisational change. The philosophy underpinning this course is design thinking and storytelling. You will learn quite a bit about these ideas over the duration of the course, and why it is increasingly important to change management. The course develops capabilities that will differentiate you from the average project manager and change agent, and which are in high demand in forward thinking organisations: be they in private, public or third sector.

Code PMGT5876
Academic unit Project Management
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. show that you understand the complexity inherent in organisational change
  • LO2. appreciate the links and tensions between strategy, organisational change and project/programme management
  • LO3. understand different types, reasons and levels of organisational change
  • LO4. understand methods for implementing changes in organisations
  • LO5. identify new approaches to change management
  • LO6. confidently communicate on the topic of complex change. This includes verbal, written and symbolic communications.