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Unit of study_

PMGT6871: Project Planning and Governance

Drawing upon prior experience in the planning and control of projects this unit of study provides practitioners from a wide range of project application areas with the opportunity to review, develop and critique their understanding, skills and practice relative to a range of recognised standards and approaches for the governance, planning and control of projects. While providing an overview of the breadth of responsibility for the management of an individual project the focus in this unit of study will be on planning, monitoring and control of scope, time, and cost, with some coverage of quality management and procurement. Structures and requirements for governance of projects, including accounting and reporting lines, and the need for alignment to the business case are addressed. Reference is made to trends in the management of projects and to the need for variation in approach relative to project type and context.

Code PMGT6871
Academic unit Project Management
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. participate in informed discussion of project management
  • LO2. understand the nature and purpose of project management in the context of economic enterprise
  • LO3. determine project goals and performance requirements in consultation with stakeholders
  • LO4. assess project initiatives in terms of feasibility and contribution to business purpose and strategy
  • LO5. evaluate alternative strategies for satisfactorily achieving agreed stakeholder requirements
  • LO6. identify different project types and contexts and select project management approaches, practices, tools and techniques appropriate for their effective governance and management
  • LO7. develop knowledge of various models and frameworks for the practical application of project management
  • LO8. demonstrate understanding of a range of different project procurement methods and their implications
  • LO9. develop a project business case and major sections of a project management plan ideas with emphasis on scope, time and cost
  • LO10. demonstrate understanding of the primary project management processes and underpinning knowledge involved in management of projects.