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Unit of study_

PMGT6872: Project Leadership and Communications

Effective leadership skills rate among the greatest contributors of project success. In all but the simplest of projects, project managers must demonstrate leadership effectiveness across each phase of the project life cycle. This course considers various leadership theories and styles, and how they apply to real world projects across industries. In addition, assignments and participative activities will help current and future project managers enhance their own leadership and communication skills, by leading themselves, their teams and their organisations more effectively. These concepts are underpinned by thought leadership in diverse topics including motivational psychology, social networks and influence, systems thinking, emotional intelligence, ethics, conflict resolution, negotiation, stress management, performance coaching and leading innovation.

Code PMGT6872
Academic unit Project Management
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. communicate in a manner that maximises productivity, performance and wellbeing of project personnel
  • LO2. recognise cultural differences and hence be able to communicate effectively across cultures and boundaries
  • LO3. effectively communicate complexity and interdependence in a comprehensible manner to project stakeholders
  • LO4. communicate ideas through an engaging presentation in a succinct, coherent manner to targeted stakeholders
  • LO5. effectively communicate project goals and outcomes with team members through effective communication and listening skills
  • LO6. act professionally with high level of integrity, clear vision and purpose, with increased self, social and systemic awareness
  • LO7. reflect on past experience in order to improve future practice
  • LO8. act professionally and with high level of integrity in a project team
  • LO9. facilitate engagements with project stakeholders
  • LO10. inspire, motivate and influence project personnel based on an in-depth understanding of individual and team needs as well as sound leading practices and research
  • LO11. understand interdependency and the complex system that surrounds a project and the project's stakeholders
  • LO12. manage oneself and other's emotions effectively through development of emotional intelligence
  • LO13. effectively lead a project team and or engage with team members in a group project effectively to promote project success
  • LO14. motivate and inspire team members and keep team members on track
  • LO15. identify causes and effects in order to make and recommend decisions to obtain best long term outcomes for the project.