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PSYC1002: Psychology 1002

Psychology 1002 is a further general introduction to the main topics and methods of psychology, and it is the basis for advanced work as well as being of use to those not proceeding with the subject. Psychology 1002 covers the following areas: neuroscience; human mental abilities; learning and motivation; perception; cognitive processes; mental conditions.

Code PSYC1002
Academic unit Psychology Academic Operations
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand the diverse areas of psychology taught: cognitive psychology, neuroscience, perception, mental abilities, mental health conditions, and learning and motivation
  • LO2. understand what binds such diverse pursuits into the single discipline of ‘psychology’ in regard to language, research methods, attitude and approach, and an appreciation of the ethical issues associated with behavioural research
  • LO3. understand the core research design principles and statistical approaches used throughout of psychology, and develop the ability to apply them in a critical manner
  • LO4. understand the APA style used for the presentation of written material, particularly research reports
  • LO5. appreciate how what is taught in psychology has implications for your wider personal and professional approach and identity