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PSYC3010: Advanced Statistics for Psychology

This unit of study expands upon students' knowledge of the general linear model and its applications in the analysis of data from psychological research. One half of the unit introduces students to contrast analysis and interaction analyses as an extension of ANOVA, which allows for more focused analysis of data where group comparisons are the primary interest. Another half focuses on multiple regression and its extensions, which are used when the primary interest is to predict or explain a particular variable based on a set of other variables.

Code PSYC3010
Academic unit Psychology Academic Operations
Credit points 6
PSYC2012 and (PSYC2X10 or PSYC2X11 or PSYC2013 or PSYC2014 or PSYC2X15 or PSYC2016 or PSYC2017)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. develop a thorough understanding of techniques of statistical inference used in psychological research, including the ability to conduct and interpret analyses
  • LO2. understand, apply, and evaluate research methods in Psychology, including research design, advanced data analysis and interpretations, and the appropriate use of terminology
  • LO3. use critical thinking to solve problems related to psychological inquiry
  • LO4. value empirical evidence; act ethically and professionally
  • LO5. communicate effectively in a variety of formats and in a variety of contexts
  • LO6. develop an awareness of the applications of the statistical theory and research design in psychology to examine problems in everyday life and in society