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PSYC3017: Social Psychology

This unit continues the coverage of topics in Social Psychology begun in PSYC1001 and PSYC2017. The unit is divided into topic areas, where the emphasis is on evaluating theories and the relevant evidence. Topics areas include among others: antisocial behaviours, discrimination, the self, emotion, cultural psychology, evolutionary psychology, and existential social psychology. Tutorials provide first-hand experience of research by involving students in a small group research project based on topics covered in the lectures. The tutorials also provide an opportunity to discuss issues pertaining to each step of the research process (e.g. ethical issues that underlie social psychological research, proper practice when collecting and handling data, how to communicate research findings in written and verbal form).

Code PSYC3017
Academic unit Psychology Academic Operations
Credit points 6
PSYC2012 and (PSYC2013 or PSYC2017)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand the diversity of research in social psychology through exposure to different foci such as the self, prejudice, essentialism etc.
  • LO2. understand how to employ current critical evaluation methods to empirical research
  • LO3. apply appropriate statistical procedures to address a research question
  • LO4. apply APA guidelines in submitted written assignments
  • LO5. conduct collaborative research on a novel empirical research question in social psychology.