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Unit of study_

PSYC6077: Research Project 2

MCP students will conduct analysis and interpretation of the data they have collected for their empirical research project. They will write up a completed study, which will be in the form of a manuscript ready for submission to a peer reviewed journal. This paper can, but does not have to be, submitted to a journal prior to being included in the project report. A concise review of the relevant literature needs to precede the manuscript. The total length of the project report must be no less than 5000 words. MCP/PhD students will complete a systematic review. The systematic review is prepared as a manuscript for submission, including introduction and aims, method, results and discussion sections. The length of the systematic review will be determined by the area reviewed and journal guidelines, but should be at least 3000 words. These assessments will facilitate the write up of their thesis.

Code PSYC6077
Academic unit Psychology Academic Operations
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Apply advanced psychological knowledge to critically evaluate psychological theories underpinning a research project
  • LO2. Conduct systematic searches of published literature
  • LO3. Demonstrate mastery of analytical procedures required for data analysis
  • LO4. Critically evaluate research findings in the context of relevant literature
  • LO5. Explain how findings could be used in evidence based practice for better understanding and management of cognitive, behavioural and emotional difficulties in clinical practice
  • LO6. Develop sophisticated oral and written communication skills resulting in effective presentations and publications of research data
  • LO7. Reflect on completed research project; identify novelty and originality as well as limitations and shortcomings