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PUBH5216: Controlled Clinical Trials

This unit introduces the principles underpinning the design and conduct of high quality controlled clinical trials to generate good evidence for health care decision making. The topics include clinical trial design, randomisation, sample size, measures of treatment effect, methodological issues, trial protocols, and ethical principles.

Code PUBH5216
Academic unit Public Health
Credit points 6
PUBH5018 or FMHU5002
PUBH5206 - Controlled trials (2CP)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. describe the features of high quality controlled clinical trials and determine the applicability of common designs for randomised controlled trials to a particular research question
  • LO2. demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of random treatment allocation and implementing common randomisation methods
  • LO3. demonstrate an understanding of the key issues in determining an adequate sample size for a randomised control trial
  • LO4. demonstrate awareness of the ethical principles of relevance to clinical trials
  • LO5. describe the main sections of a trial protocol
  • LO6. recognise, correctly interpret, and adequately manage key methodological and practical issues arising in the design, conduct, analysis, and interpretation of a randomised controlled trial.