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RLST1005: Atheism, Fundamentalism and New Religions

This unit examines religion in the contemporary world including recent high-profile debates and the emergence of new religions. Case studies and themes include: fundamentalism, the 'new' atheism, the effect of globalisation, consumerism and new media on religious practice, new forms of spirituality and enchantment.

Code RLST1005
Academic unit Studies in Religion
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. identify world religions and describe historical and theoretical relationships
  • LO2. conduct research using academically reputable print and online sources, accessed via search engines, library catalogues and databases
  • LO3. communicate in clear and effective prose, and using an academic referencing system correctly
  • LO4. demonstrate the ability to learn independently
  • LO5. demonstrate an informed and open-minded perspective about social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity in Australia and the world
  • LO6. critically evaluate news media and popular cultural sources of information about religions and spiritualities
  • LO7. demonstrate oral communication skills by working in small groups in tutorial classes.